Swiss Magic Masters 2019 was fantastic [english version]

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The second Swiss Magic Masters offered space for the largest modern and legacy tournament in Switzerland.

Swiss Magic Masters

Translated by NimrodPE with best wishes (tapped, of course) from Aarhus, Denmark. Die deutsche Version ist hier.

The second Swiss Magic Masters last weekend has been a great celebration and broke all records. More than 400 Magic fans from all over Switzerland travelled to Bern to the beautiful Kubus Event Location. The Modern Main Event with 161 players was probably the biggest Modern Tournament in Switzerland ever. The Legacy Event with 115 players is also impressive. The Aareboge team is overjoyed, proud and thanks everyone who joined us.

Ticino, Western Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Zurich, St. Gallen etc., this weekend Magic Switzerland was a village and everyone joined in the party. Competitive events, fun and camaraderie were not contradictory. In the opposite, you could feel the good mood everywhere.

Five Main Events were played: Modern / Legacy / Limited / Standard / Tiny Leaders, a Modern Rebound Event on Saturday and a first Modern Trial on Sunday, where you could already secure Byes for the SMM 2020. Also Throne of Eldrain and Modern Horizons were drafted.

A real celebration also includes the surrounding. The location was filled with the biggest and best-known vendors in Switzerland as well as foreign visitors from Strasbourg. The vendors were well prepared and outdid each other with bling-bling offers. At Martin’s Mindtwistmtg booth, you could admire his Card Altering art or grab a brush yourself. You can find his works on his Facebook page.

The stream from our Broadcaster Team Commetary Swiss Gaming, led by Bryan Allimann and the commentator team Simon Hofmann, Sascha Lüscher, Reto Bürgin, Jonas Walther and Matthias Obrist did a great job over the weekend and could be watched at the Public Viewing next to Magic Arena PCs. Many thanks to all of you. The stream has been recorded and will be released on Youtube soon.

A big praise goes to the catering manager Iris, who cooked delicious lunch menus on both days and together with Perla, Leyla and Tamara offered a culinary varied selection of drinks and foods. Also the Cupcakes were tasty again this year. Who of you noticed that you could also eat the inscriptions above?


The Top 8 decklists will be published later this week via The streams and highlights will also be available via Twitch Replay on and also on our Youtube channel.

Not everything can work perfectly. Due to software problems with the Wizard’s own WER system, which no longer wanted to recognize DCI numbers, registration on Saturday unfortunately took longer than expected. We apologize for that and promise an improvement at the next event. We will also discuss the idea of online pairings – on Sunday the experiment with „Pairings in Whatsapp“ worked. If you have further feedback, please write a comment or an email to us. Later this week we will also do a poll to collect feedback.

A big thank you to the whole team in black, meaning the headjudge Oliver Blank with the judges Markus Egli, Christian Gienger, Jeremie Granat, Martin Künzi and David Merz, scorekeeper Eleonora Windler, cashier Christoph Camenisch and their hard-working helpers with the setup, dismantling and registration. This was a hard job and some helpers even took Friday off to help and we are very grateful for that!

Now a small overview of the Main Events:


In the Modern tournament, 161 players fought for the trophy. After eight rounds and the Top 8, Pablo Rossi from the successful Bernese Team Collective Brutality was victorious with his favourite deck 5 Color Humans. After he got defeated in the final by his teammate Daniel Fahrni at the Aareboge SMM Ostertrial, he reached the top at the Main Event! Congratulations. It shows once more that you can only do limited metagaming in Modern. Having deck experience is much more important.

Loïc Favre from Geneva with his exciting Kethis, the Hidden Hand Combo Deck, created from a standard variant, was only stopped in the final. Fortunately, you can now resort to eight Moxes in Modern: Mox Opal and Mox Amber.

Swiss Modern Master 2019 Pablo Rossi and finalist Loïc Favre
Rossi celebrated his victory in style. Cheers!


61 Players tried their hand at Throne of Eldraine Sealed. The top eight players could decide the final placings in a draft, which was won by Thomas Gobeli from the Bernese Oberland. After the victory of Sascha Giger last year, this title remains in the Bernese Oberland.

Sealed Deck of Thomas Gobeli
Top 8 Draft Deck of Thomas Gobeli
Trophy and some prices bought with the CPs Thomas won
Finalist Fabian Furger (left) und Swiss Limited Master 2019 Thomas Gobeli (right).

Tiny Leaders

The field at Tiny Leaders was manageable with eleven players, since the competition of the parallel Modern and Limited tournaments was too big. After four rounds, there was still a Top 8 tournament, so that as much as possible could be played, which everyone was happy about. Ivo Grossholz won with his commander Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast. He thus wins the title for the world-famous and legendary Bern Brass Band. The trophy of last year’s winner Henning Beywl will move from Weissenbühl to the Lorraine Quartier, where the Tiny Leaders format is alive like nowhere else. Yves Schneider lost the final and reached 2nd place with Ezuri, Renegade Leader Elves. He played without sideboard, because he assumed from Duel Commander that you don’t have a sideboard in Tiny Leaders. Outstanding performance!

Ivo Grossholz – a happy Swiss Tiny Leaders Master 2019


There were 115 players in the Legacy tournament. After seven intense, hard contested rounds and a thrilling Top 8, another player from Bern also won, none other than the likeable Chris Rothen with RUG Delver. In the final, Leonard Badenberg had to admit defeat with the explosive BR Reanimator to 2-1. Check out the Stream Replay (to be published in the next days) to see how Chris led the Delver Deck to victory with smart lines. Chris didn’t play legacy for a while, but he knows the RUG Delver Deck like the back of his hand and thanks to the tried and tested Stifle and the new power of Card not found. he was able to claim the title.

Christian Rothen – Swiss Legacy Master 2019
Top8 Deck of Patrick Kistler / undefeated in the Swiss Rounds


The Standard Tournament had a manageable 27 players, five Swiss rounds and then in the top 8 for the trophy fought. Contrary to the trend at the Mythic Championships, the SMM Meta was diverse and exciting. At the end of the day Stefan Bill won with Temur Oko after overpowering Axel Vullie and his Simic Food Deck in the final. Stefan prepared very intensively for Magic Arena with his deck and climbed up to Mythic Rank 30 of the ladder and showed that he can master the deck also in paper without animations. Although the deck was best known for the good Bant Golos Field Matchup and out of 27 players only 3 played the Golos Deck, Stefan could prove that this aggressive Temur Oko Deck has nothing to hide from. 100% winrate on Magic Arena and 100% winrate on the Swiss Magic Masters 2019. Stefan kept his word. Congratulations!

Stefan Bill, the current Swiss Standard Magic Master


Four out of five main events won by Bernese players, who would have thought that?

In the end, however, there was a common winner, to whom we all belong, the Swiss Magic Community! We have a common hobby, which has connected some of us for years and is strengthened by such events. Top decks are sometimes a matter of luck, but as long as we support each other and enjoy the game, everyone wins.

Dear Community, we thank you and hope to see you again soon. For example at our weekly leagues in the formats Modern, Legacy and Arena Standard, at the SMM Trials all over the country or at the Swiss Magic Masters 2020 in autumn next year. And who knows, maybe the Aareboge team has further plans. 😉

Haven’t had your fill? Take a peek at the great impressions Reto Bürgin has captured.


Nach einer Karriere in Street- und Eishockey, wo er die Ehre hatte, für die Schweizer Nati zu spielen fand Dan zurück zu seiner alten Liebe Magic the Gathering. Er gründete die Modern Liga in Bern und engagierte sich im Aufbau der Community in Thun. 2018 hat er den Verein Aareboge Magic mit gegründet und ist aktuell der Vereinspräsident.

Daniel ist stolzer Familienvater, wo er ausserhalb von Magic Kraft schöpfen kann. Er mag auch Filme, Bücher, Brettspiele, Radfahren und Fitness, seinen Garten und gutes Essen ... vermutlich zu sehr.

Turnier Brags: 1x National Finalist, 2x Nationals Top8, 1x Swiss Magic Masters Finalist

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David ist begeisterter Drafter und Modern Spieler und hat spass, Tiny Leader Decks zu brewen. Er organisiert die Drafts in der Brass.

Wegen seinem Beruf in der Web-Entwicklung liess er sich überreden, diese Webseite zu betreiben.

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