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Qualifier Tournament , Invitational Tournament Info, Season 2 Final Ranking & Season 3 Preview

Hello Arena Nerds! Last weekend we had our first daily Arena Tournament and also the first paid tournament via Eventfrog , the Aareboge Invitational Qualifier. After the Arena release of the new expanison Throne of Eldraine we had some players missing out because of card availability, others because the Arena client having some stability issues or they are already qualified or had some better plans for this saturday morning. Nevertheless, we still had 10 motivated players to battle for the four remaining spots of the Aareboge Invitational this saturday. After 4,5 hours and a lot of fun with the new cards we had the final ranking. A big thanks to our Tournament Organizer TheDJAB, you made a great job buddy.

Aareboge Invitational Qualifier Results

Congratulation to Reymon, Fons, Murkrow & Dan, the Mind Sculptor. Also a big thanks to all the participants. We can see that Golos Field ist the deck to beat at the moment, but we can also see some nice aggressive or controlling strategies that hopefully can be tweaked to beat Golos next time.

Aareboge Season 2 Finals

Also this weekend we had the finals of the Aareboge League Season 2 Top 16 Double Elimination. Asatas defeated Violent_Ouburst for a second time to carry the trophy. Asatas weapon of choice throughout season 2 was his trusty Esper Control deck that he tuned for every new opponent. Congratulation on this big win in a field of talented players.

Your Season 2 Top 16

Aareboge Invitational

This saturday 12.10.2019 10:30 the best of the best from season 1, season 2 and the qualifier earned theyre spot in this 8 player field. First i want to show you those „Top Gun“ pilots out of a field with over 100 different players over those 3 leagues/events.

Please tell me, Dan, the Mind Sculptor on discord as soon as possible if you are able to play this saturday. If a player can’t play, we have backup players for all three events.

The tournament will be double elimination best of 3 in the new standard format. Everyone has to play with the account they qualified for this tournament. Card availability in magic is always a thing, but its the same for every player. The first pairings will be selected at random.

The Tournament Organizer will collect an export of the decklists before the tournament starts. I know, we can’t guarantee a 100% protection against cheating with this method, but i trust into our community to play tight but fair and it worked fine in the qualifier last week.

The winner will earn 2 byes of choice for the Swiss Magic Masters Tournament, the finalist will earn 1 bye.

Swiss Magic Masters

If you where hidden under a rock the last month you maybe don’t know about the Swiss Magic Masters. I can highly recommend this tournament to all magic players from casual to competitve. Its my personal magic highlight of the year and a weekend to celebrate the swiss magic community. You can find further information on our website. We will even have some laptops with fully stocked accounts to play Arena on site.

I recommend to buy a ticket in advance to secure a spot in your favorite tournament since ticket presales are doing well. Outside of the 5 main events we also have a lot of side events, fine food, 8 big single card vendors, live card altering, instant cosplay, twitch live broadcast and more to explore.

Also our arena pricepool sponsor Zwergenschmiede GmbH will be on site so you should be able to get your price packs from the past seasons at theyre shop. I will give them a handout of all the player tags and prizes.

For the invitational qualifier price money you have to go to our event info desk on site.

Aareboge Arena Season 3 Information

First of all, i am sure there will be a next season and i hope it will start soon. At the moment we need to focus our forces on the Invitational this weekend and the Swiss Magic Masters the following weekend. For our non-profit Aareboge Club its not that easy to organize multiple local paper leagues, arena leagues and big paper tournaments like the Swiss Magic Masters or big trials. It costs a lot of energy and passion because a lot of work is on the shoulders of a hand full of working horses and in the case of Arena we even pay and ship prizes in collaboration with Zwergenschmiede GmbH and our very own Club Account. We have to reevaluate and find some more helping hands in the form of backup Tournament Organizers, Blog Writers, Broadcasters, Streamers and last but not least Sponsors.

If you are interested to work as a volunteer or know a possible sponsor for our Arena Lineup we would be more than welcome to read from you.

We are also happy to welcome you as new Aareboge member if you like what we do for the Magic Community.

Thats enough info for one Update, see you soon folks!



Nach einer Karriere in Street- und Eishockey, wo er die Ehre hatte, für die Schweizer Nati zu spielen fand Dan zurück zu seiner alten Liebe Magic the Gathering. Er gründete die Modern Liga in Bern und engagierte sich im Aufbau der Community in Thun. 2018 hat er den Verein Aareboge Magic mit gegründet und ist aktuell der Vereinspräsident.

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